Rick Shoffstall

As CEO and founder of The Productivity Advantage LLC, Rick is a well-established expert in the application of industrial engineering techniques in the foodservice industry. Rick has spent the past 15 years using his detailed and systematic problem-solving approach to provide significant impact to a large variety of nearly 100 foodservice concepts. Rick has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to combine his client relationship skills with his engineering expertise to deliver quantifiable results in the areas of labor management, process engineering, and facilities design.

Prior to establishing The Productivity Advantage, Rick was most recently a Principal and Vice President of Client Projects at Strategic Restaurant Engineering (SRE).

Rick leverages a detailed quantitative approach, broad industry experience, intense dedication, and quick common sense to effectively provide in-depth analysis and recommendations for his clients. Rick’s ability to determine the root cause of an issue, to leverage the current strengths of a concept, and to prioritize the most significant improvement opportunities allows him to consistently deliver immediate and lasting results.

Rick holds a B.S.-IE degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he graduated first in his class from the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering program. Rick currently resides in Mission Viejo, CA with his wife and two sons.

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